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On this page, you will find the following:

  • What YOU and YOUR TEEN STUDENT can do to help make your child’s school a safer, more welcoming learning environment for ALL
  • What to do if your child experiences a bullying or antisemitic incident
  • Links for anti-bullying resources at public school districts in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC
  • Information about the programs and services offered by the JCRC's Education Outreach Department

JCRC’s staff is here to support you and your children. 

Please contact us if we can be of assistance at any point during the school year.  Thank you!

What YOU can do to help make your child’s school a safer, more welcoming learning environment for ALL children:

The JCRC works year-round to promote mutually respectful school environments and to increase understanding of Jewish tradition, history and culture within school communities, both public and private. Encourage your school to:

  1. Bring in JCRC’s Student to Student (STS) program
  2. Host a Holocaust survivor to speak to students
  3. Utilize the JCRC 2019-2020 Interfaith Holiday Calendar to help in planning events and school assignments
  4. Access the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) anti-bias tools & strategies, trainings, and other teacher resources for the classroom

What YOUR TEEN can do to take an active role in promoting mutual respect and combating antisemitism:

  1. Participate in our Student to Student program for 11th and 12th graders. STS teens speak to their high school peers about Jewish practices and what it’s like to be Jewish today, helping to break down stereotypes by putting a human face to Judaism
  2. Participate in the JCRC's Margo and Yoram Cohen Israel Engagement Fellowship - an intensive 8-week seminar for Jewish teens to learn and have thoughtful, nuanced conversations about Israel and antisemitism so they can confidently engage on these issues in college

What to do if your child has experienced a bullying or antisemitic incident at school:

  1. First, speak to your child’s teacher or guidance counselor at the school as soon as possible
  2. If the matter is not satisfactorily explained or resolved, contact your school’s administrator (Assistant Principal or Principal)
  3. Submit a “Bullying Report form” if your school district has one that is available, links to local school districts' forms below
  4. At any time, please contact the JCRC for further guidance and assistance

Committing an antisemitic act against a fellow student is a form of bullying. 

Check out your school district’s resources:

In Maryland, you may call the Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line 833-MD-B-SAFE
, an anonymous reporting system used to report threats to the safety and/or well-being of students.

  1. Montgomery County
  2. Prince George's County
  3. Frederick County


  1. Arlington County
  2. Fairfax County
  3. Loudon County
  4. Prince William County
  5. Alexandria City

Washington, DC

  1. DC Public Schools

The JCRC’s Education Outreach Department:

  • Provides resources to school administrators and teachers about accommodations for students observing Jewish holidays and customs
  • Offers assistance to schools dealing with incidents of antisemitism and other types of hatred
  • Assists parents in navigating school bureaucracies when they are dealing with religious accommodations, antisemitism and other challenges impacting Jewish students;
  • Consults with administrators and teachers regarding the teaching of units connected to Jewish history or the Jewish faith, such as the Holocaust

Through the JCRC’s Holocaust Survivors Speakers Bureau, the JCRC arranges for survivors to share their experiences during the Shoah with thousands of students and teachers each year. Contact us if you would like to bring a survivor to your child’s school.

JCRC’s Student to Student program trains Jewish teens to speak to their non-Jewish peers about their experiences as Jewish teens, in order to increase understanding of Judaism, Jewish customs and beliefs, the Holocaust, and the impact of antisemitism.

Contact us if we can be of assistance.