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Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events

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JCRC Holocaust Commemorations


The JCRC of Greater Washington is one of the oldest in the nation.  Founded in 1938, Holocaust remembrance and education has always been an important component of our mission.  The JCRC has been hosting large annual commemorations for the Greater Washington community dating back to at least the 1970s.  Each year we endeavor to expand and improve our offerings.  Below are those programs from the past decade. 


YHS Holocaust Program Cover

newspaper graphic DGL   Tolerance JPEG




Videos & Media Coverage


Youth Programs


2018 YHS VA Cover

Hate Speech and
the Holocaust

MD: Program with Insert
VA: Program with Insert

WJW Op-Ed 
Fairfax Proclamation Video 

MD Teen Program

VA Teen Program

 VA Exhibits
Teen Program & Facebook Album and Maryland Facebook Album 

2017 MD YHS Cover

Displaced Persons -Struggles to Find a Home

MD: Program

VA: Program 

Donors & VIPs 

 WJW Coverage

The Virginia Choir "Rikmah Enoshit Achat" (One Human Tissue)


Displaced Persons - Maryland Program

Displaced Persons - Virginia Program

MD Photos

VA Photos

2016 YHS Program Cover

"Seeking Truth & Justice - 70 Years After Nuremberg."

MD: Program

VA: Program  

  WJW Opinion,
  WJW Coverage
  WaPo Listing
  Montgomery Proclamation, Photo and Video
  Fairfax Proclamation, Photo 
   In MD: Defying Authority, Pursuing Justice

In VA: Justice Dispensed / Justice Denied 
  MD Photos

  VA Photos


VA 2015 YHS Cover 

 MD: Commemoration
  Service Book Insert

 VA: The Psychology
of Scapegoating

 Service Book Insert

Montgomery Proclamation

 Fairfax Proclamation 

Alexandria Commemoration

WJW: Remembering the Shoah with Deed Not Creed


MD & GW Survivor Visits 

VA Teen Program:
'The Other Dr. Seuss'

MD Photos

VA Photos 


2014 VA YHS Cover

MD: Commemoration
Service Book Insert

VA: On Deaf Ears: Media Coverage & Public Response in the Holocaust Years

Wash Jewish Week
Annandale Patch

Fairfax Proclamation 
Wash Jewish Week 
VA: Observance, Seminar, Candle Lighting, Choir 


Survivors visits to:
A.G. Wright MS
Arlington Career Ctr
Bishop Ireton HS
Bishop O'Connell HS
Cong Beth Emeth
Cong Sha'are Shalom

MD Photos

VA Photos 


2013 VA YHS Cover


MD: Commemoration 

 VA: Resistance Thru Art


Washington Post  
Montgomery Gazette
Candlelighting Ceremony (VA)
Full Length Video  (VA) 
Fairfax Proclamation 



Choir Piece Featuring 
 Madeline LeBeau  (VA)
 Teacher Training at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum



MD Photos

VA Photos



2012 VA YHS Program Cover

MD: Commemoration 

VA: Corporate Complicity: European Industry in the Holocaust Years

Fairfax Proclamation  



Youth Tolerance Grant 
(MD / VA)
 Grant for A.G. Wright MS: 
 El Salvador Civil War Speaker
 Grant for Hayfield International Night


MD Photos 

VA Photos



2011 MD YHS Cover

MD: Commemoration

VA: Closing Doors: Immigration Policy During the Holocaust Years



Dor L' Dor Programs

Youth Essay Competition 
(MD / VA)


MD Photos

VA Photos



MD YHS 2010 Cover

MD: Commemoration 

VA: Diplomats by Day: Raoul Wallenberg and
Other Unsung Heroes

    Dor L' Dor Program MD-DC & VA

MD Photos

VA Photos


2009 YHS Virginia Program Cover

MD: Commemoration

VA: As Long As There Are Stories To Tell 

     Dor L' Dor Programs VA Photos

2008 MD YHS Program Cover 

 MD: Commemoration      Dor L' Dor Programs

2007 MD YHS Program Cover

 MD: Commemoration      
 Dor L' Dor Programs



 2006 MD YHS Program Cover
  MD: Commemoration      Dor L Dor Programs