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Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events

Please visit our calendar regularly to view and RSVP to the many wonderful programs from the JCRC

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District of Columbia Advocacy

The JCRC of Greater Washington's District of Columbia commission partners with local and state organizations to reach out to government officials at the federal, state and local levels to advance the legislative agenda of the DC Jewish community serving over 27,000 district residents. The Commission organizes candidate forums, advocacy activities, conducts noontime meetings with political, community and governmental leaders, gathers representatives of District synagogues and Jewish agencies to establish our annual agenda and participates actively in interfaith meetings.


Rabbi Batya Steinlauf is the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington's Director of DC Government and Community Relations and resident of the DC.

Read the article DC Council to 'get' tough in the Washington Jewish Week by Rabbi Batya Steinlauf.

Upcoming Events

Let's Stop Gun Violence 
Sunday, May 22 at 5:00 PM
Washington Hebrew Congregation 
3935 Macomb Street NW, Washington DC

Join the JCRC and Washington Hebrew to learn about gun violence prevention from the experts: Daniel Webster, ScD, MPH, Professor at Johns Hopkins University,Director of its Center for Gun Policy and Research, and Deputy Directorof its Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence, Samuel “Woodie” Kessel,MD, MPH, Professor at the University of Maryland, Allience of Hope Member, Dorothy Paugh, Everytown for Gun Safety. For more information and to RSVP, please follow this link or 202-362-7100.

 Help Pass Justice for Ex-Spouses Legislation in the City Council

Act Now!
Tell the head of the D.C. City Council Judiciary that you support the Justice for Ex-Spouses Act of 2015.  
Click here!


Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are an environmentally friendly initiative employed to keep our water supply clean. When it rains, rainwater collects pollutants from streets, rooftops and sidewalks. The rainwater is directed into our local creeks and rivers, like the Anacostia River, bringing these pollutants into our water supply. By improving the quality of the water in the river we can improve the quality of life for the people living along its banks. Furthermore, the collection of storm water on our pavements and buildings speeds up erosion. Rain gardens collect the rainwater, and filter the pollutants though special plants. This succeeds in avoiding the polluted rainwater to run across our streets and into our water sources. Rain gardens help improve water quality, and ensure that our plants are getting water instead of our streets.

Tifereth Israel Synagogue, located in Washington D.C., has joined this wonderful initiative to keep our local bodies of water clean by constructing a beautiful rain garden to protect our environment. Now the 3,000 gallons of water that typically falls onto their rooftop during a 30 minute rainfall will be redirected into their rain garden and to permeable pavers. More information is available here, at Tifereth Israel’s Website.

Tifereth Israel's Rain Garden.jpg

The District’s RiverSmart and Montgomery County’s RainScapes program initiatives can help you bring a rain garden to your community. Both the RainScape program and RiverSmart program offer financial and practical assistance to those that employ tactics to reduce storm water pollution, like the rain garden initiative.

Recent Events


The JCRC hosted a reception for Mayor of the District of Columbia the Honorable Muriel Bowser. (Dec. 2015)


Rabbi Batya Steinlauf presented at the DC Council Holiday Kick Off. (Dec. 2015)


Rabbi Batya Steinlauf spoke at the DC Council to help pass the Justice for Ex-spouses bill. (Sept. 2015)

License to Carry Pistol Act 2014 - Houses of Worship

The Council of the District of Columbia unanimously passed the License to Carry a Pistol Amendment Act of 2014 without any debate or deliberation. The legislation presumptively prohibits concealed pistols within houses of worship despite some prominent opposition at an early stage on the legislative process. Here is the specific language: "Any church, synagogue, mosque, or other place where people regularly assemble for religious worship shall be presumed to prohibit the presence of concealed pistols unless the property is posted with conspicuous signage allowing concealed pistols, or the owner or authorized agent communicates such allowance personally to the licensee in advance of entry onto the property; provided, that such places may not authorize concealed pistols where services are conducted in locations listed in subsection (a) of this section."

For additional information see:

The DCist "Houses of Worship Presumed to Prohibit Concealed Carry Under Revised Bill"

Metropolitan Police Department information on Applying for a Concealed Carry Pistol License 

batya dc gun mtg.jpg

Rabbi Batya Steinlauf with the Rev. Barbara Reynolds from Black Women for Positive Change and representatives of other Faith Communities atThe Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety for the mark up the License to Carry a Pistol Amendment Act.