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Calendar of Events

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The JCRC of Greater Washington's Maryland Government and Community Relations Commission is the government advocate and community relations resource for our Jewish community. Partnering with local and state organizations to reach out to government officials to advance the legislative agenda of our community in Maryland. 

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The Maryland Jewish Communities Advocacy Day, held in conjunction with the Baltimore Jewish Council and the Howard County Federation, annually brings activists to Annapolis for meetings with legislators and a legislative reception with high-level officials.The JCRC also has a strong relationship with elected officials and government institutions throughout Montgomery County.


Partner with local and state organization to reach out the government officials at the federal, state, and local levels to advance the Jewish community’s legislative agency. Assist local organizations, agencies, and synagogues in securing government funding.


Convene programs on selected issues of concern to our community, including security briefings and candidate forums.


Convene and mobilize the Jewish community in times of celebration, commemoration, and crisis. Write and encourage constituents to write opinion pieces and letters to the editor. Arrange meetings between elected officials and Jewish community members both in their home districts and in their government offices to discuss policy and funding priorities.

COMMUNICATE  clipboard-md.png

Serve as a trusted source of information on Social Justice issues in our community for media,officials, and business and civic leaders.


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1) STAY INFORMED                                                                                                   8076-200.png

Stay up-to-date on events in our communities through timely information on our website.

2) LOBBY ELECTED OFFICIALS                                                                                                                   lobbying-clipart-aa713f_d794fae59ef04f88aa81a26b9532d397.gif

Be sure that your elected officals hear your articulate, well-reasoned points of view. Hearing from constituents helps convince an elected official of the merits of a point of view, as well as the breadth of support for it.

social-media-campaign_318-64479.png3) USE SOCIAL MEDIA 

Show your support by sharing accurate information with your friends and peers. Social Media provides you multiple venues through which you can show support. Using this medium allows you to share accurate information about community issues with your friends and peers.

free-newspaper-clipart-1.jpg4) NEWS

The Maryland legislative session concluded this past spring with bill signings and final budget documents passed and signed in May and June. The JCRC is pleased to present our 2018 budget and legislative accomplishments.

Each year the JCRC advocates for and secures state and county funding to support Jewish social service and educational institutions that reach tens of thousands of Jews and non-Jews residing in our region. This year alone, the JCRC secured over $3.6 million for Jewish organizations from the states of Maryland and Virginia, and locally in Montgomery County.

In 2018, JCRC also advocated on a wide range of issues of importance to the local Jewish community and our interfaith and community partners, including:

  • Expanding Medicaid in Virginia 
  • Keeping dangerous weapons out of houses of worship 
  • Providing support for Holocaust survivors  
  • Protection for victims of domestic violence  
  • Funding for our public and private day schools  
  • Combating bias of all forms and expanding hate crimes protections

See the full report on the Maryland 2018 General Assembly
To see the full report and information on the Montgomery County budget please follow this link.

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  • Montgomery County Advocacy Day
  • Annapolis Advocay Day
  • Schmooze and Nosh Legislative Breakfast 

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  • 2019 Schmooze and Nosh Legislative Breakfast
    Thursday, November 29 at 7:30 AM

    Join members of the Greater Washington Jewish community to schmooze and nosh and discuss our legislative priorities and advocacy efforts with our Federal, State and Local Maryland elected officials. 

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 Take Action Now Short

The success of the JCRC of Greater Washington and the policies we promote hinge on the support we recieve from the Jewish community. Only through the combined efforts of individuals and organizations throughout Maryland can we hope to make a positive difference. We encourage all Maryland residents to participate in our advocacy events throughout the calendar year, and to join in our efforts to make a better Maryland for all.

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